Happy New Ye... Er... Valentine's... Week?

I am back!  I apologize for the lack of blog updates as of late.  I have actually had this post written since early January and have been waiting for Tom to proof it.  Then, snow days and illnesses and life happened and here we are.  I will describe our efforts to get back on track in 2019 and add an addendum at the end.

The truth is that my enthusiasm for DD tends to wax and wane.  It often seems to be dependent upon my hormones.  I wish that this were not the case.  I certainly understand that DD is not exclusively, or even primarily, about being "turned on" or excited.  I guess that it just "is what it is."  I would be curious to know whether others tend to experience these fluctuations in interest.

As I have mentioned several times, Tom and I are still very much growing into our respective roles.  When I lose interest or enthusiasm in DD, what I need from him is to insist that the dynamic remain active regardless.  That having been said, I understand how and why that does not come naturally for him.  After all, I am the one who brought DD to the marriage to begin with.  I recently shared with Tom what I needed from him during our DD lulls and fortunately, he seemed to understand and to be willing to demand my compliance with our arrangement regardless of whether I am "feeling it" at any given moment.

Some may wonder whether our recent lull had anything to do with the incident described in my last post.  The fact of the matter is that that's certainly when it started.  I have not, however, ever consciously felt like, "Because that happened, I don't want to do DD anymore."  So, I suppose that honestly, I don't know whether that incident has had anything to do with our hiatus or not.

For Christmas, I did give Tom this bracelet.


I wanted him to know that I certainly wanted to get back on track.

Tom and I were able to have a little time alone together during the holiday break.  While we were at lunch the other day, he asked, "So, how are we going to get back on track with DD?"

"By just doing it," I responded.

"The Nike approach?" he asked.

"Pretty much.  I mean, I don't think it requires anything new or special."

Tom then told me that after lunch, we would go home and make an "official" restart.  I knew what that meant, and I was glad.

So, he took me home and asked for a few moments.  I spent the time picking up my side of the room, which is a cleaning project we have been doing together in the past few weeks.

After about twenty minutes, Tom said, "Since you have been such a good girl by picking up, you can pick the implements we use today."  He had laid *every* spanking tool that we have out on the bed for me.   

He sat in the middle of our bed and over his lap I went.  He told me to choose three implements.  I chose our hairbrush, an otk strap, and a small leather paddle.

"Don't think I am not taking note of what you are not choosing," Tom stated.  Yikes!

Tom pulled my yoga pants and panties down together, baring my bottom.... and started to spank me with his hand. I was squirming and whimpering a bit in no time.  I also got very hot!  Not like, aroused.  Just hot.  I asked if we could point the fan toward me and he said, "You can stand in front of the fan when we are finished."  How rude.

Sometimes, I forget how much "just" a hand spanking can sting!  "Your bottom is out of practice," Tom remarked.  "You have had much harder spankings than this."  Here again, RUDE!  😜

I honestly don't remember what implement he used first.  I am actually terrible at being able to tell what he is using to spank me without looking.  If we were ever to play the "guess the implement" game, I would be sunk!

I think he strapped me first, then used the paddle, and then the hairbrush.  I whined several times that "it hurt (!)" and he gave me the standard HoH-y line that, "of course, it hurts!"  He asked me if I was going to follow my rules and keep up our daily log where we track my behavior and punishments.  I "yes, Sir"ed him between swats, promising to be a good girl.  He told me that I needed to update the blog as part of our renewal of our arrangement (which I probably would have done anyway, but shh... don't tell Tom.)

When the spanking ended, I did immediately run to stand in front of the fan.  Tom chuckled. Then, I went into our bathroom to check out my bottom in the mirror. (You TiHes all know the routine!).  Tom had very effectively turned my cheeks a pretty shade of pink.

As Tom returned to his chores, I laid for several minutes on my tummy on our bed wearing only my panties and t-shirt.  I relaxed into that yummy soreness of a just-spanked bottom.  Isn't that just the best feeling?

Before long, we had to go pick up our children.  I felt the effects of my spanking for a couple of hours, which was also very nice.

I am quite glad to be back on track.  I have been following my rules and keeping our log.  We have been doing at least a brief check-in at bedtime.  Tom told me last night that he felt like we were making progress on various household projects that tend to stress him out, which I was happy to hear.

Addendum: As noted above, life has gotten in our way again.  I am slipping on my rules - looking at my phone in the car, skipping medication, etc.  In my defense,  I held it together for awhile.  I need the accountability, though.

Tom and I are having a belated Valentine's dinner tonight, so we will discuss and get back on track again, I imagine.  Onward!

💖 PrincessImp


  1. Glad to see you are back! I was worried about you.


  2. Hi PI ... yup, we certainly get the waxing and waning, and life getting in the way of the DD lifestyle. We've hit that a few times in the past year. However, it's good that you are working on getting back on track and keeping it alive and well.
    Good to see you back in Blogland ... nj ... xx

  3. Nice to see you back. I often have sweat running from my shoulder blades down my back ( and I don't even sweat when I workout LOL) when getting spanked. There is probably some explanation for it, but whatever, just know it is normal. My girlfriend and I talk about not really reading about that on blogs, and wonder why that is. LOL

    As for slipping again? It happens- it can for years to be honest. Just try your best and communicate your concerns- perhaps try and reflect on why that is, do you long to feel more dominance? That sort of thing.

    Best of luck

  4. Hi, PI! Guilty here on the waxing and waning of ttwd stuff.....yep, just like anything else in life! Laughing at all your "rude" comments.

    Well, PI, know what it sounds like at your house to me? NORMAL. Yep, ups, downs, back and forth..... we're just trying to balance this dd/ttwd/whatever out! Hang in there. Keep communicating and I hope your belated Valentine dinner is lovely! Hugs! Windy

    1. Windy, the belated Valentine's dinner had to be postponed because I forgot about another committment I had tonight. I discovered it with ample time, but it was sort of disappointing. Glad to know we are "normal," though!

    2. Haahaha on the "Normal." Sorry you missed your dinner. Hopefully, you can make it somehow and get some time alone together. I know that isn't always easy! Take care, Windy