Happy New Year!!

Hi there, kids!  (And when I say "kids," of course, I mean that in the most respectful possible way... 🙄).

Well, as you all know, 2020 was ridiculous.  Generally speaking, Tom and I are doing fine.  That said, last year was stressful for many of the reasons that it was stressful for everyone.  We have both been working from home since March of 2020.  Our kids have been doing virtual school from home -- in person school hasn't even been offered as a real option -- though maybe later this month?  In addition to these, we also moved.  It was a local move, but still stressful and time consuming.  We *should* have the old house sold by the end of the month and then maybe things will settle down.  Tom has taken these stressors particularly hard.  He has just been overwhelmed and frustrated.  So perhaps needless to say, DD has not been on the radar screen really at all.  

Fortunately, Tom and I still agree that DD makes our marriage better.  It provides us with opportunities for connection that are otherwise difficult to carve out.  Our new home also has a bedroom in the basement, which offers a convenient space for any discipline that may be needed (but since I'm an angel, obviously it won't be).  👼

Honestly, I nearly decided a few months ago that maybe DD wasn't even really workable for me.  I like to be spanked and frankly, a sense of being "in trouble" only makes spanking that much more erotic for me.  I worried that maybe this somehow nullified the value of DD.  Sure, there are non-spanking punishments, but what fun are those?  Oh, right.  Punishments aren't supposed to be fun.  Well, okay, but then why am I signing up for this again?  Ugh.  It's all so confusing.  Of note, remember that essay that Tom made me write about texting while driving?  I have never texted while driving since then.  I hate that.  LOL  The stupid non-spanking punishment worked?!  Dislike!!

So last night, Tom and I agreed that we would both like to get back into a DD dynamic.  I just think that the arrangement needs some tweaking.  Here are some thoughts that I have had (and which I intend to address with Tom):

a) I really need spanking to be a part of our dynamic.  I know that spanking isn't the main point of DD, but let's face it.   It's important to many of us.  Ideally, I would like a few swats every day and a more thorough maintenance spanking once/week.  I feel like it probably doesn't matter if I enjoy those, which I will.

b) There are punishments that would actually feel like punishments to me.  These include things like extra chores, an early bedtime, extended corner time, mouth soaping, writing lines, etc.

c) Our Domestic Discipline paddle from The London Tanners is *not* a pleasant implement.  It's perfect for true discipline.  It would also be meaningful to me if Tom bought one additional implement of his own choosing, again to be used only for punishment.  Perhaps if Tom put those two implements aside and they only came out for punishment, that would be effective.

d) Cornertime with my pants pulled down, which may or may *not* be followed by spanking, would also be an ideal punishment.  Bare bottomed corner time, no spanking, and being sent to bed, for example, would likely feel like true discipline for me.

e) If I am going to be punished with a spanking, it is probably best if I am not told ahead of time.  The anticipation of the spanking eroticizes it for me, which again, seems antithetical to the idea of actual punishment.  Additionally, I feel like I need for it to be a rule that I am not allowed to uh -- pleasure myself -- for some length of time after being punished.  This would have to be based on an honor system, but as I have mentioned before, dishonesty isn't really a problem I have.  I tend to be honest to a fault.

Clearly, none of this is ultimately up to me.  These are just thoughts I have had.  Am I thinking too much?  Does any of this make a bit of sense to anyone other than me?  I will let you all know what comes of the conversation that Tom and I are planning.

I really hope that you all are well.  I wish each of you the happiest of new years and look forward to being a more active participant of the blogosphere in the coming weeks and months.

💖 PrincessImp

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